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Covid-19 Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy Re Covid-19:
Hornby Island is discouraging people from coming to Hornby for the spring.

We believe Covid-19 will be over long before summer and therefore, we are presently, not cancelling any rentals, and we hope you do not cancel yet either.

Regarding summer(after June 26) we are asking that summer tenants please "wait and see" and do not be too hasty to cancel your booking.  Cancelling your booking will have detrimental impact on the economy of Hornby Island and the locals who depend on the summer tourist season.

We realized the $150.00 was unfair to people paying a lower rent, so we have changed our cancellation fee to a percentage of the rental amount. We feel a 10% cancellation fee is fair.

Rentals for April, May & up to June 26 can cancel with full deposit refund minus administration fee of 10% of the rental amount. For summer, after June 26, we encourage tenants and owners to "wait and see".

If cancelling a booking for the summer period (after June 26 onwards) for now, we have revised the cancellation policy:

"If you cancel before June 1, the full amount of the deposit will be forfeit. If we can rebook, your deposit will be refunded, minus the cancellation fee. If cancelled after June 1, the full rent will be forfeit unless we rebook, in which case it will be refunded, minus the cancellation fee. If we have to cancel due to Covid-19 government rulings, we refund all your monies minus 10% of the rental amount for admin costs. Cancellation fee is 10% of the rental amount."

Note: some private owners are charging 25% cancellation fee and their are others who have a no deposit refund policy.

We feel this to be a fair solution in these very difficult and scary times.

We may have to revisit our cancellation policy if Covid-19 persists and we have to cancel bookings for the sumer months.  This will be on a week to week basis.

Hopefully, before summer everything will be back to normal.

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